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A New Approach to Retrofitting.
Fire protection safeguards lives and property against the most common hazard there is. No building should be without a Carlysle fire protection system. Carlysle not only installs sprinkler systems in new buildings as they are erected, but we also retrofit existing structures. This takes special skill, creativity and experience-attributes that have set Carlysle apart for more than five decades. For example, pipe routing is carefully planned so that the aesthetics of the building are preserved. Installation work is scheduled to minimize interruption to the workflow of your employees. We plan jobs to ensure your warehouse is not disrupted. In short, Carlysle’s sensitivity to the needs of our clients has earned us a reputation as the first choice in fire protection throughout New England.

Commitment to Customer Service.
Carlysle operates its own pipe application plant in Boston. The company is one of the few firms that do, but we believe this gives us greater control over quality and allows us to be more flexible when it comes to meeting our clients’ needs. We have a stock of pipe, fittings, hangers, sprinklers, valves and special equipment that is virtually unmatched. And Carlysle backs up this “behind-the-scenes” difference with a commitment to customer service that is unsurpassed. In fact, we are available to our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with insurance-approved inspection programs.

Water, an Elemental Advantage.
Carlysle knows from long experience, and the National Fire Protection Association agrees, that sprinklers are the most effective means of controlling fires in buildings. Not only do they sound an alarm, they react immediately with the most efficient fire-fighting agent there is - water. Furthermore, sprinklers concentrate directly on the fire and operate until the fire is completely extinguished.
The bottom line is that the National Fire Protection Association states that automatic sprinkler systems are 92.6% effective. Carlysle company records show that six times out of ten, sprinklers extinguish fire without the need for human intervention.

From a simple two- head sprinkler renovation in the Children’s Museum to large projects such as the 40-Story Exchange Place and the World Trade Center, Carlysle has the experience and resources to get the job done on time, on budget, and on par with your highest expectations. Whether your project is small or large, you can count on Carlysle Engineering Inc, the Fire Protection People.

The Latest Hydraulic Technologies.
Carlysle has installed a wide variety of fire suppression systems which include:

  1. A Wet Pipe System in which the piping is normally filled with water under pressure.

  2. A Dry Pipe System in which the piping is normally filled with air under pressure but into which water is automatically admitted when a sprinkler head opens.

  3. A Deluge system which is empty and open at the heads, and in which a separate network of heat detectors, either pneumatic or electric, allows water to enter the distributive pipe work and flow through all the open heads upon operation. Special high-hazard nozzles are sometimes used in the systems in place of sprinkler heads.

  4. A Pre-Action System consisting of a sealed sprinkler system in which a separate network of heat, pneumatic and/or electric detectors allows water to enter the distributed system, creating a wet pipe system.

  5. Combined Dry Pipe and Pre-Action System in which the features of both dry pipe and pre-action systems are combined. This system is often used to protect extremely cold areas such as a blast freezer, with the heat responsive system also serving as an automatic fire alarm system.

  6. Special Purpose Systems which depart from the requirements of NFPA Pamphlet #13, such as special water supplies, reduced pipe sizing, large drop sprinkler systems, and recycling systems.

  7. Special Hazard Systems include low and high expansion foam, FM 200, Inergen, low and high-pressure CO2, dry chemical foam, foam turret and water cannon systems.

From Steel to Plastic Pipe.
It used to be that steel pipe and cast iron fittings were the industry standard. Today, Carlysle offers a variety of options, including stainless steel, copper and plastic piping. Each of these materials in turn requires special hanging considerations, fittings and installation techniques. Carlysle’s experience is virtually unmatched in the region, and our expertise has gained us recognition in a variety of publications. But the greatest achievement comes in Carlysle’s ability to exceed the expectations of its clients. For example, Harvard chose Carlysle Engineering Inc. to handle the copper sprinkler installation at its School of Public Health, and then selected us to install a stainless steel pressfit system in its massive Widener Library building. Carlysle has also led the industry in the use of innovative materials such as plastic (CPVC) pipe, handling retrofits of existing high-rise buildings for the housing authorities of Quincy, Somerville, Brockton, Cambridge and Southbridge. When it comes to product knowledge and innovation, Carlysle sets the standard.



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